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Section 6 Policies and Procedures Drexel University is committed to the hiring and advancement of Faculty and Professional Staff Members based on qualifications, achievement and merit. Section 6 Policies and Procedures. University policy is mandated by the Congress through the Animal Welfare Act and the Public Health Service Policy on the Humane.

Policies and Rules - NWU North-West Drexel respects the privacy of all members of the University community and recognizes that all individuals are entitled to freely choose their personal associations and relationships. Policies on governance processes and provided for by legislation Rules for the Appointment of Office Bearers Rules for the Nomination, Election, Desnation and.

Consenting Relationships, University of Kansas Policy on Drexel is also mindful that familial relationships and consensual romantic or sexual relationships in the workplace or educational environment, may: cause a conflict of interest; the opportunity for exploitation; the inappropriate use of power, trust or authority; or undermine professionalism, any or all of which negatively affects the fairness and objectivity that is essential to a healthy learning and working environment. Consenting Relationships, University of Kansas Policy on; Office of Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor Policy. Consenting Relationships.

Document archived Policy The Nepotism and consensual Amorous Relationships by and among Faculty and Professional Staff Members and Students are to be avoided and are strongly discouraged, if not prohibited, under this policy. Document archived. The document you are trying to access has been archived, and may have been replaced with a more recent document. Search for current policies and.

Human Resources, Drexel University, Drexel University seeks to exercise sound business judgment in its hiring and advancement decisions, including with respect to relatives of Faculty and Professional Staff Members and anyone involved in consensual Amorous Relationships. Implementation of this policy is the responsibility of the Department of Human Resources. sexual or dating. or violate any other University policy.

University - Search Here & Browse Results With respect to any individual with whom a Faculty or Professional Staff Member is married, related by blood or law or involved in a consensual Amorous Relationship, the Faculty or Professional Staff Member may not: The foregoing restrictions shall also apply if a Faculty or Professional Staff Member becomes related to another Faculty or Professional Staff Member through marriage or otherwise during his or her employment at the University. Search for University. Look Up Quick Answers Now!

Consensual Relationships Policy - If in doubt concerning any of the situations listed above, the Faculty or Professional Staff Member or the Supervisor should contact the HR Partner for the department, college, school or center for clarification and guidance. Consensual Relationships Policy. Non-consensual or coerced relationships are addressed in the University Policy on. Consensual Relationship - Any dating.

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University dating policy:

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