18 year old dating 15 year old illegal uk

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<strong><strong>Year</strong></strong> <strong><strong>old</strong></strong> <strong>dating</strong> a 15 <strong><strong>year</strong></strong> <strong><strong>old</strong></strong> • r/Advice - reddit

Year old dating a 15 year old • r/Advice - reddit At 15, intimacy would clearly be considered illegal. Would it be considered weird/awkward if a 18 year old male was dating a 15. An 18-year old dating a 13-year old would. with a 15-year old is not illegal.

Is it legal for a 15 <b><b>year</b></b> <b><b>old</b></b> boy to date a 18 <b><b>year</b></b> <b><b>old</b></b> girl? - Quora

Is it legal for a 15 year old boy to date a 18 year old girl? - Quora 15 could be considered Legal under a "Romeo and Juliet" law. The age of consent in Canada is 16, but 12–13 year olds are allowed to. It would be illegal if the 18 year old was in a position of authority/trust/power over the boy. It's legal to "date", but if the dating includes intimacies or sex, then the age of.

<i><i>Year</i></i> <i><i>old</i></i> <i>dating</i> 15 <i><i>year</i></i> <i><i>old</i></i> ? - The Student Room

Year old dating 15 year old ? - The Student Room This kind of law can be tacked onto age of consent laws, the principle is simple if the act is consensual and the partners are close-in-age (also ed close-in-age exception) You're not entirely correct many jurisdictions has whats ed "Romeo and Juliet" laws which protects consensual relationships if the partners are close in age, this can also apply to people who passes age 18 dating someone who is a minor. I think it's fine, I have been with guys before and it's been a 3-5 year difference and nothing sexual activity was there really, if you're. Would the 18 year old be turning 19 before the 15 year old turns 16? 0. But, since it's legal, do as you wish. Register Number 04666380 England and Wales, VAT No.

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